July is Lost Pet Prevention Month. This is a very serious and important topic. About one in every three pets will get lost at some point in their lives. Sadly, many of them never find their way home. Kitties are particularly vulnerable to getting lost, due to their curiosity and affinity for mischief. A Richboro, PA veterinarian offers some advice on keeping Fluffy safe and sound at home in this article.

Keep Kitty In

This not only drastically reduces the risk of Fluffy getting lost, it also helps protect her from other hazards, such as weather, traffic, and wild animals. Of course, this will be easiest if your furball grows up knowing that she’s an indoor pet. Purrsonality sometimes comes into play here as well. Some cats are bound and determined to get out!


When it comes to keeping Fluffy inside, spay/neuter surgery can make a huge difference. Intact cats are much more likely to go off looking for love than fixed ones. They’re also more prone to other unwanted behaviors, such as spraying, aggression, and making horrible noises that apparently pass as kitty love songs.


Compromising is often the best solution. If your furry friend really wants to get out, try making her a catio or cat enclosure. This will give Fluffy a chance to sniff plants and enjoy fresh air and sunshine without exposing her to potential dangers.

GPS Tags

As mentioned above, some of our feline pals are just bound and determined to get outdoors. If your kitty falls into that category, you may want to consider getting her GPS tags. That way, if Fluffy does slip out, you’ll be able to find her. Do some research before shopping, as different products vary on things like range, battery life, and subscription fees.

Board When Necessary

Are you leaving town? If you’re only going away overnight, you may be able to have someone stop in to care for your cat. However, if your feline friend is the type to bolt out an open door, you may be better off bringing Fluffy to a hotel. (Note: we also recommend boarding for longer trips, and for kittens, seniors, and cats that need medical care.) Better safe than sorry!

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your local Richboro, PA pet hospital, today!