Have you ever had a toothache? If so, you know that they can be debilitatingly painful. This is true for dogs as well as people. Although your canine pal can develop dental issues at any point in his life, he has a 75 percent chance of having gum disease by age three. Fido can also be afflicted by other issues, such as abscesses or misalignments. A Richboro, PA vet offers some advice on keeping your dog’s choppers healthy below.

Brush ‘Em …

Brushing is your most effective option: it removes plaque and food debris, and helps fight tartar. The hard part here is going to be getting your furry buddy onboard with the process. Start slow. At first, just rub Fido’s teeth and gums with your finger. (Hopefully this goes without saying, but you should only attempt this if your dog fully trusts you.) Over time, you can slowly start to incorporate a pet toothbrush and doggy toothpaste.

… Or Not

Some dogs just won’t tolerate having their teeth brushed. If Fido isn’t having it, don’t force the issue. Products like dental rinses, oral flakes, and dental-formula treats and chews will help you keep your canine friend’s mouth clean. Ask your vet for advice on these.

Watch For Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for signs of doggy dental woes. These include bad breath, tartar buildup, bleeding gums, heavy drool, and swelling. You may also notice things like Fido pawing his mouth, shying away from having his face touched, or just generally acting depressed, withdrawn, or cranky.


Hydration is crucial for Fido’s survival, but it’s also important for his oral care. Make sure your furry friend always has clean, fresh water available.

Chew Toys

Chewing can actually be very beneficial for Fido. It helps clean his teeth, keeps him occupied, and gives his jaws a good workout. The key is to make sure that you’re only offering your canine buddy safe, suitable toys. There is some debate on this, particularly when it comes to things like pigs’ ears and rawhide. Although these are popular with dogs, they can be dangerous, as voracious chewers can rip off pieces, which then become choking or obstructional hazards. Ask your vet for specific advice on chew toys.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has dental issues? Contact us, your Richboro, PA pet clinic, today!