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Prevent a Litter Month

February frequently revolves around the unofficial theme of love, with Valentine’s Day heralding romantic gestures like flowers and candies in stores. Yet, for pets, the spotlight shifts to prevention: it’s … Read More »

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Playing With Your Feline Friend

Does your feline sometimes make you laugh by batting a bottle cap or cotton swab across the floor? Cats manage to be cute no matter what they are doing, but … Read More »

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Thanksgiving With Senior Pets

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If your animal companion is getting older, they may be distressed by disruptions and commotion. You’ll want to keep … Read More »

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Animal Enrichment

When you adopt a pet, you’re promising to take good care of your new buddy for the rest of their life. A good part of that entails taking care of … Read More »

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Autumn Cat Care

Fall is absolutely gorgeous here in Pennsylvania. With the beautiful foliage, cool temperatures, and seasonal trappings, it’s no wonder that this is many people’s absolute favorite time of year. Cats … Read More »

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Deaf Dog Care Tips

Today is National Fire Pup Day, which means that the Dalmatian is in the Spotlight. These pups are remarkable in many ways: they’re super smart, and have a special way … Read More »

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