Are you planning to travel this summer? This is the perfect time of year for taking vacations. Whether you’re headed to a lake region, coast, woods, or mountains, or perhaps visiting a more urban setting, your canine pal will be more than happy to go with you. Here, a local Richboro, PA vet offers some advice on traveling with Fido.


There are a few basic precautions that apply to any and all doggy adventures, regardless of whether you’re taking Fido to the park down the street or bringing him to an Airbnb five states away. Make sure your canine pal is current on all recommended vaccines and parasite control products. Headed out of town? Let your vet know where you’re going: they may suggest additional vaccinations or precautions, based on your destination. For instance, if you’re camping, you may want to add the Lepto vaccine.


Identification is also crucial. Ideally, you want several layers of protection here. Fido should have ID tags with your current contact information. He should also be microchipped. If you haven’t checked the information in those records in a while, do so now. It’s not a bad idea to add a GPS tag or collar as well. Last but not least, put ID tags or stickers on Fido’s crate or carrier.


Headed on a road trip? Fido should always travel crated. It’s not only safer for him, it’s also safer for you, as it eliminates the risk of your pooch bumping or jostling you. Training is key here. You want your furry buddy to see his crate as a cozy den, not a jail cell. Add comfy bedding and a puzzle toy, and offer your pooch treats in his carrier.

Packing For Fido

Don’t forget to pack for the pup! Fido will need bedding, food, dishes, a leash and collar, a tie-line, toys, treats, a brush, and a pet first-aid kit. If you’re going to be outdoors a lot, add paw wax and sunscreen as well. Headed to a lake or river? Bring a doggy lifejacket as well.


Does Fido have a sensitive stomach? You may want to bring along several gallons of the water he drinks at home. Change him over slowly. (Bonus: you’ll also have water for the trip.)

Do you have questions about your canine pal’s health or care? Contact us, your Richboro, PA pet hospital!