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Summer Dog Grooming Tips

Dog being hugged on beach

Summer isn’t far off now! Many of our canine patients love to roll around in the grass and splash around in the water. Of course, the hot weather can be tough on Man’s Best Friend. Fido does have a fur coat on, after all! A local Bucks County, PA vet offers some advice on caring … Read More »

Cat Care 101: Fluffy’s Basic Needs

Cat looking at camera

Cats are extremely popular pets. One reason for that is because they are very easy keepers. In fact, out of all of the animals we’ve domesticated, Fluffy may very well be the most independent. That doesn’t mean your kitty is entirely self-sufficient, though. A local vet lists some of the things your furry pal requires … Read More »

4 Pet Safety Tips for “Home Alone” Dogs

Tan do tilting his head

As a pet parent, it can be hard to leave your dog at home alone, wondering if something might happen to him while you’re away. Considering Fido is, after all, just an innocent pooch, leaving him home alone can be a recipe for disaster under the right circumstances. Fortunately, there are things you can do … Read More »

5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog   

Happy dog being petted

As dog-lovers, who among us hasn’t given in to throwing Fido a scrap or two when we’re eating? Those big watery eyes are hard to say no to, but sometimes it’s necessary. Some foods just aren’t good for dogs and can even harm them. Knowing which morsels and treats to keep away from your canine … Read More »

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Salamander Diet Dos and Don’ts

Salamander on rock

Salamanders exist in a variety of breeds that vary in shape, size, color, and natural habitats. Just like with humans, correct nutrition and a balanced diet are key to the health and well-being of your pet. And like most all reptiles, salamanders are carnivores. Knowing what and what not to feed him can help ensure … Read More »

Resolutions for Reptile Owners

Iguana climbing tree branch

Happy New Year! This is traditionally a day for people to set goals for themselves for the coming year. Growth and change are always important, no matter how old you are or where you are in life. This is something that is also very relevant to pet owners. In order to keep your animal companion … Read More »

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