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FAQs on Pet Poisoning

March 17th kicks off National Animal Poison Prevention Week this year, urging pet owners to prioritize safety. Poisonings pose serious risks to our furry companions and can lead to unplanned … Read More »

Questions You Should Definitely Ask Your Veterinarian

Is your furry best friend due to visit the veterinary clinic soon? While many of our patients would undoubtedly prefer to stay home and take a nap rather than come … Read More »

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Dog Collar or Harness? – The Pros and Cons

Dog harness on 2 dogs

If you enjoy walks with Fido as much as he does, ensuring he wears the most comfortable and maneuverable attire can help make your daily adventures together all the more … Read More »

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Choosing Safe Dog Toys


December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. This is definitely a timely topic for us. Our furry patients will be getting a lot of new playthings in their stockings this … Read More »

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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe During Thanksgiving

Puppies playing with pumpkin

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and eat lots of food, but it’s important to keep your dog safe during the holiday. Read on as a local … Read More »

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How To Talk Cat

Cat being hugged

Cats certainly are mysterious little furballs. We may never completely figure out Fluffy’s box obsession, or get to the bottom of her curious relationship with catnip. However, we have made … Read More »

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