June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! There’s certainly no wrong time to adopt Fluffy, but we’re always happy to give this important cause some attention. Adopting a shelter kitty is a purrfect way to find your new furry friend. Of course, going to a new home is a big deal for cats. A Richboro, PA vet offers some advice on helping your new kitty adjust in this article.


If you have a large house and/or other pets, you’ll want to put your new arrival in a separate area at first. This spot can be a spare room, a laundry room, or even a bathroom. Provide all the kitty necessities, such as toys, treats, a litterbox, and some kitty furniture, and play a radio softly. Give Fluffy a few days to adjust before introducing her to other animals.


Don’t be surprised if Fluffy sleeps even more than you would expect at first. Being in a shelter can be scary and stressful! Your furry pal may just need some time to decompress.


Take time to play with your feline buddy every day. This will help her burn off any nervous energy she has, so she’ll be calmer after. It’s also great for bonding! Fluffy will realize that you’re making an effort to entertain her and make her happy. 

Veterinary Appointment

One of the first things you’ll want to do is schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Fluffy will need a full nose-to-tail exam, as well as wellness and preventative care. This is a great time to ask for care tips!


Snacks are also great for bonding. Offer Fluffy yummy morsels of her favorite things. Plain, cooked fish or chicken is a good bet. Just remove the skin, bones, or fat. You can also try different store-bought treats. 


Don’t force attention on your feline pal. That’s a huge faux paws in the kitty rule book! It’s important to let Fluffy come to you. Some cats will immediately hop into your lap, while others may take a while to determine whether you’re a friend or foe. If your furball is nervous, talk to her in a gentle, friendly tone. Offering things like toys, treats, and catnip will help you get that little motor going.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Richboro, PA animal clinic!