September is Happy Cat Month! Kitties are always cute, but they’re extra adorable—and sometimes extra sassy—when they’re content and confident. Here, a Bucks County, PA vet lists some things your feline pal may do if she’s feeling content. 


It’s probably no surprise to find the purr at the top of the list here: the fact that Fluffy vibrates with happiness is one of her most charming traits. Kitty purrs are very soothing. In fact, cats may very well be one of nature’s most adorable sleep aids!

Leg Rubs 

Fluffy has some pretty adorable ways of getting our attention…such as winding herself around your legs. Many kitties do this as a way to beg for food, but some furballs use this as a way to request attention or playtime.


Our feline friends are quite playful and frisky. Fluffy may look a bit silly when she’s racing around and acting up, but in her head she’s all business. 

Kitty Conversations 

Just like people, cats all have their own unique vocalization styles. Some of our furry pals are quite talkative, while others just don’t have very much to say. If Fluffy ‘talks’ to you in a friendly, interactive, or even bossy way, she’s probably pretty happy.

Belly Exposure 

If we could ask Fido what his favorite things are, we’re pretty sure belly rubs would rank high on the list. Fluffy is a bit more complicated with this one, however. Cats will only flop over and expose those furry tummies when they feel safe. So, if your fuzzy buddy sometimes lounges around on her back, it’s probably safe to say she’s pretty relaxed. Just be warned: this is sometimes a trap! 

Love Bites

Your feline buddy is super playful, and may want to practice her lion skills on you. True aggression is a behavioral issue, but silly little love bites are, well, more or less purr for the course with these little furballs.


To be fair, it’s not exactly cute when Fluffy drops a dead mouse at your feet. However,  cats’ remarkable hunting skills are a large part of why we befriended them in the first place! Even kitties that don’t go outside sometimes have a bit of a natural instinct for bringing their humans gifts. Your furry friend may even bring you her favorite toy when she wants to play. 

Please contact us, your Bucks County, PA pet hospital, for all of your kitty’s care needs. We’re here to help!