Blind Dog Day is coming up on August 23rd. While blindness isn’t the most common problem we see in our patients, it’s not exactly unusual, either. A local Bucks County, PA vet discusses doggy vision and vision eye problems below.

Doggy Eyesight

Our canine friends rely much more on their ears and noses than they do on their eyes. They do see things a bit differently than we do. Fido’s vision is blurry, compared to ours. He’s also somewhat colorblind, as his retinas only pick up shades of blue and yellow.

Common Causes

Dogs can lose their vision for a variety of reasons. Some issues, such as cataracts, are common in older dogs. Others are inherited, and can affect pups of any age. (Note: white dogs are inclined to blindness, due to their genetics.) Fido can also go blind because of illness, injury, or infections.


Although any pooch can be susceptible to injuries and/or health issues such as glaucoma or cataracts, certain breeds are more likely to develop vision issues than others. Pups with bulgy eyes, such as pugs, are more prone to injuries from running into things. Ask your vet for more information.

Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for signs that your canine buddy is having problems with his vision. You may notice Fido not wanting to go outside and/or losing interest in play. Another giveaway would be if your furry pal has trouble finding his toys or dishes, and/or can’t see the squirrel running across the yard. Your pooch may also become timid, and may get a bit clingy. Some dogs go in the other direction, and become aggressive. 

Tips For Care

Our canine companions are quite resilient, and often adjust to things like vision loss with wagging tails. However, Fido will need some extra care. Your four-legged buddy will be most comfortable in a familiar environment. Careful petproofing is a must! You can use textured carpet runners to help your furry friend find his way around. You may find that it’s often the unexpected things that trip your pooch up: the cat sprawled out across the floor, the backpack the kids dropped in the middle of the room. Try to avoid rearranging things, and keep Fido’s bowls and beds in one area.

Contact us, your Bucks County, PA vet, for more information about your pup’s eyesight. We’re here to help!