Have you noticed that your dog’s breath has gotten pretty bad? Does Fido have unsightly gunk built up on his teeth? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, there’s a good chance that your canine pal has some dental trouble. Just like people, dogs can suffer from issues like gum disease, abscesses, and infections. A Bucks County, PA veterinarian lists a few more things to watch out for in this article.

Lack Of Interest In Play

Dogs play with their mouths, so it’s not really a surprise that dental troubles can put a damper on their fun. If your pet’s favorite toys are gathering dust, he may have some dental issues.
Changes In Appetite
Trying to chew on a sore tooth isn’t much fun. Fido may start shunning harder foods and treats, or taking longer to eat them. He might also chew on one side of his mouth, or leave food uneaten.


Drooling isn’t uncommon in dogs. However, excessive, bloody, or ‘ropy’ saliva can all be indications that Fido’s choppers need attention.

Awkward Smile

Overcrowding is often an issue with smaller dogs. This is one that you may notice just looking at your pooch or watching him eat.

Cracked/Broken Teeth

Our canine companions are very frolicsome, but they don’t always know what is and isn’t safe to play with. Fido has been known to crack or break his teeth on hard objects. Keep an eye out for this sort of injury, as it can often be spotted with the naked eye.


Swelling is often a sign of dental infections. This is very dangerous, because the brain is so close. Any type of swelling around Fido’s mouth should be considered an emergency.


Just like people, dogs often get withdrawn and a little grumpy when they don’t feel well. If your furry bff seems sad or sullen, and/or is spending a lot of time alone, dental issues could be to blame. (It’s worth noting that many other types of pain and medical issues can cause this behavior as well.)

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are associated with gum disease, which affects about three quarters of the pups over age three. Look for bloody smears on Fido’s toys or dishes.

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