Is your kitty aged seven or older? If so, you have a furry little senior on your hands … even if Fluffy still acts like a kitten. Cats usually age slowly and gracefully, so don’t expect to see drastic changes right away. However, you’ll want to start making small changes to help keep your feline friend happy, healthy, and comfortable as she grows older. A local Bucks County, PA veterinarian lists some key ones below.


Fluffy will spend a good chunk of her life practicing her napping skills. When she reaches her golden years, she’ll be a master napper, capable of snoozing up to 20 hours a day. Offering lots of beds and comfy napping spots will help keep that motor running. Make sure these are easy for her to get in and out of!


Kittens are very playful and active, but they lose steam over time. Keep your furry buddy active by offering lots of toys and taking time to play with her daily. Even a few minutes of pouncing and jumping will help keep Fluffy in shape. Plus, timing those tricky pounces is good for your cat’s mind.

Veterinary Care

Keeping up with your feline buddy’s veterinary care is also very important. Most kitties should come in about once a year. However, Fluffy may need to come in more often as she ages. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule. In between appointments, keep an eye out for signs of illness, such as vomiting, respiratory issues, changes in personality or behavior, and reduced appetite. Cats instinctively try to mask signs of illness, so you might not notice anything until your pet is quite ill. Call us immediately if you notice anything off.


As your feline pal ages, she’ll become slower and less flexible, which will put her at greater risk of illness and injury. We recommend keeping Fluffy safe and sound indoors, especially in bad weather. You can also make it easier for her to jump on and off things by setting out pet stairs or even footstools.


Last but not least, make sure that Fluffy is comfy and content. Cats are always happiest when they feel loved, so pay lots of attention to your furball. Senior cat purrs are very precious!

As your local Bucks County, PA veterinary clinic, we are always here to help. Call us anytime!