Does your dog give you that sad, don’t-leave-me look when he knows you’re headed out? Our canine pals are very loyal, and really would love nothing more than to hang out with their humans 24/7. Unfortunately, that just isn’t ‘pawsible.’ In fact, there will be times when you need to board Fido. Most people generally do this when they leave town, but there are other occasions where you may want to bring your pup to his hotel for a few days. A local Bucks County, PA vet lists some of these below. 

Life Events

Fido is a loyal companion, and part of the family, but there are some events he can’t accompany you to. Weddings, births, graduations, and other big events can get very hectic. At these times, people find themselves juggling lots of different balls. Consider putting your four-legged friend in a hotel. He’ll be safe and sound, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the event at hand. 


Moving is stressful for both people and pets. Of course, people will understand what’s happening. Fido can get very distressed when he realizes his domain is vanishing into boxes! You also don’t want your pooch running out an open door, or getting underfoot as things are being carried in and out. You may want to board your furry pal on moving day. If you’re going long distance, board him on the days your things are picked up, and again when they’re delivered. 

Medical Procedures

For smaller, outpatient procedures, like dental work or very minor surgeries, you may want Fido to cuddle with as you recuperate. Dogs are great companions for binge-watching sessions! However, for major operations, you may not be up to walking or playing with your canine buddy. This of course depends on your household and the type of procedure you’re getting. Consult both your doctor and Fido’s. 


Dogs are very playful, and they love to stick close to their humans. However, these traits can get Fido into trouble, especially in rooms filled with things like nails, power tools, and chemicals. You probably wouldn’t want to board your canine companion for long, slow projects. However, for something quick and hectic, consider sending him to his home away from home. 

As your Bucks County, PA vet clinic, we’re here to help. Call us for all of your pet’s boarding and veterinary care needs!