September is Happy Cat Month! Of course, we think that cats should always be happy. But what does it take to keep Fluffy’s motor going? Some of the answers may surprise you! Read on as a local Bucks County, PA vet offers some tips on keeping your feline pal happy.


First things first. Your furball will need good food, fresh water, and clean litterbox to be happy and healthy. Ask your vet for tips on caring for your feline friend. Even if you’ve always had kitties, there’s always more to learn about keeping Fluffy content.


Kitties are hunters by nature, so they are instinctively driven to want to pounce and jump on things. Make sure Fluffy has plenty of toys to push under the couch. You’ll want to get some things that your pet can use by herself, as well as some you can use to play with her.

Veterinary Care

Our feline buddies are quite independent, but they do need good care in order to thrive. Make sure that Fluffy sees her doctor regularly!


Cats certainly are sleepy little furballs. Offer Fluffy lots of comfy beds and napping spots to pick from for her 32 daily naps.

Little Luxuries

Small touches will also help keep your pet content. Offer your kitty a comfy window seat, so she can sit and watch birds and squirrels. Scratching posts, cat furniture, and regular grooming sessions will also help please your feline overlord.

Things To Investigate

Kitties are quite curious, and love to investigate, well, everything. Offer Fluffy things like cardboard boxes, newspaper tunnels, pet tents, and paper bags.


Toys are great, but you are by far Fluffy’s favorite form of entertainment. Take a few minutes a day to play with your furry buddy.

Being Grounded

We know, many cats like outdoor activities, like leaving pawprints on windshields and refusing to come when called. However, Fluffy will be both safer and healthier staying in.


One sure way to make your furry pal feel loved and safe? Talk to her! It doesn’t matter if Fluffy doesn’t understand what you’re saying. The important thing is that she’ll know you are paying attention to her. Cuddles are also important.

Please feel free to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Bucks County, PA vet clinic, we are here to help!