Cats certainly are mysterious little furballs. We may never completely figure out Fluffy’s box obsession, or get to the bottom of her curious relationship with catnip. However, we have made progress in recent years. For instance, we now know that kitties make over 100 sounds. But what are they trying to say? And do they understand what we tell them? A Bucks County, PA vet offers some insight on communicating with our feline overlords in this article.

Mind Your Tone

We’re not sure exactly how much language cats understand, with the obvious exceptions of ‘Get down from there’ and ‘That’s not a toy!’. However, Fluffy will definitely respond to the tone and sound of your voice. Many kitties seem to enjoy it when we baby-talk them, but that isn’t a must. Just be sure to always use a friendly tone.

Be Consistent

If you think about it, a good percentage of the world’s feline inhabitants are not English-speakers. However, Fluffy and Fido don’t do as well as people when it comes to learning second languages. In fact, even small differences in phrasing can confuse them. Always use the same words or phrases for training. For instance, if you’re trying to get your furry friend to stop scratching you, you can tell her to ‘Put your claws away’ every time.

Reward Interaction

Generally, the more you interact with Fluffy in a positive manner, the more interactive she’ll become. If your kitty meows back at you when you talk to her, keep it going! Try mimicking the sound she makes.

Learn Body Language

Much of our feline buddies’ communication is actually non-verbal. Learn to read the nuances of Fluffy’s body language. For instance, a flicking tail may mean interest or mild annoyance, while a lashing tail could signal an impending kitty attack.

Try An App!

Believe it or not, there are now apps and devices that claim to translate kitty meows. The Meowtalk one, for instance, turns your cute pet’s vocalizations into actual phrases. You may never quite get your furry pal to explain her take on string theory or the laws of gravity, but it would be fun to try. (Of course, most of Fluffy’s vocalizations are actually more like commands.)

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