It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If your animal companion is getting older, they may be distressed by disruptions and commotion. You’ll want to keep that in mind as you make preparations for the autumn holiday. Read on as a local Bucks County, PA vet offers some tips on keeping senior pets happy, healthy, and safe on Turkey Day.

Be Cautious With Food

It’s not uncommon for older pets to have sensitive stomachs. Any change or disruption in your furred (or feathered) friend’s diet can cause gastric upsets. That is something to be aware of. Many pets get extra treats on holidays. Our patients are also more than happy to sample some of those delicious foods. Stick with safe foods. Avoid anything spicy or greasy. While every animal is different, some that are generally unsafe include garlic and onions; chocolate; avocado; and meat on the bone. Ask your vet for specific advice on safe and unsafe foods.

Offer Quiet Spots

Older animals are often very sweet and lovable. Many really enjoy getting extra ear scritches and attention from friends and family. However, the noise and commotion may be overwhelming for some pets. You may also want to move your animal friend into a quiet back room, with all of the necessary supplies. Turn a radio on to mask background noise.

Vet Furry Guests

Pets are part of the family, so it’s only to be expected that some folks will bring their dogs to dinner with them. Just vet your canine guests carefully. If you have a very fragile older pet, a young, rambunctious puppy might be a bit too much for them. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow people to bring their dogs: just take steps to help things go smoothly. Tire the younger pooch out with vigorous walks and play sessions, and keep a close eye on things. Be prepared to separate them if needed.

Enjoy The Time

Unfortunately, the time that we have with our animal friends often passes much too quickly. Savor this special phase of your pet’s life. Take lots of photos, and pamper your adorable friend a bit. Also, carve out some quiet quality time with your animal companion. Taking your canine pal for a long walk around the block is a great way to work off some of that delicious food! 

Happy Thanksgiving! Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Bucks County, PA pet hospital, we’re here to help!