Respect Your Cat Day is coming up on March 28th. Kitties may be small, but they are quite formidable little hunters, and definitely deserve respect. However, as it turns out, our feline overlords aren’t always that respectful themselves! A San Antonio, TX vet lists a few examples of this below. 


Fur Placement 


Our feline friends have very pretty fur, and they aren’t shy about sharing it with their humans. Fluffy may make a point to leave hair on your clothing, furniture, and, well, anything else she can reach. (Tip: brushing your cat regularly should help, as you’ll grab that fur with a brush before it gets stuck to your couch.) 


Sleep Disruption 


Cats take their sleep schedules very, very seriously. However, they’re nowhere near as concerned about ours. Your furry little pal won’t hesitate to wake you up by pawing at you or even smacking you to let you know she’s ready for breakfast. Fluffy also  has a way of taking up huge chunks of bed space and relegating her owners to the edges.


Traffic Bumps 


It’s always a good sign when a kitty feels comfortable enough to sprawl out in the middle of the room. That means Fluffy feels relaxed and secure, which is what you want. Or course, your furball may stretch out right where she’s most likely to block traffic, forcing her humans to move around her.


Table  Hockey 

Another thing kitties could be a bit nicer about? Knocking things over and/or smacking them onto the floor. Fluffy has definitely broken her fair share of knick knacks! 


Privacy Fails 


Kitties like to supervise their humans very, very closely. A little too closely, actually. Cats are notorious for following their humans around, even into the bathroom. 


Claws For Thought

Our feline pals are very efficient hunters, so it makes sense that they would be instinctively driven to practice their murder skills. That said, Fluffy has no qualms about occasionally biting or scratching her humans … sometimes seemingly out of the blue. 

Ignorance Is Bliss


Well, it’s official: researchers have found that, yes, Fluffy does know her name and yes, she does sometimes ignores her owners calling her. That sort of disrespect is probably just purr for the course with these cheeky little furballs! 


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