Does your dog enjoy summer activities, like visiting parks and exploring trails? Many of our canine pals absolutely love this time of year. However, the heat can be dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. You’ll need to take a few precautions to keep Fido from overheating. The most important thing you can do here is to keep your furry bff properly hydrated. A Bucks County, PA vet offers a few ‘pawesome’ tips on this below.

Multiple Stations

If you have more than one dog, a large house, and/or a yard, you’ll need a few different watering stations. Here’s a cute idea for an outdoor one: get a plant urn, and put Fido’s water bowl in that. Voila!

Automatic Waterer

Does your four-legged friend slurp up all the water in his bowl in under a minute? You may want to get him an automated waterer, particularly if you’ll be out for a while. Just be sure to clean it regularly!


Keep hydration in mind when choosing Fido’s treats. Opt for things that have a high moisture content. Doggy ice cream is a good bet. Your furry pal may also enjoy some chilled sodium-free broth. You can even make him pupsicles! Pour water or sodium-free broth into an ice cube tray or waxed paper cups half-filled with kibble, crushed treats, shredded meat, bacon bits, and/or cheese. Freeze overnight, and hand it over to your cute pet for a refreshing summer snack. On hot days, your pooch may also enjoy chewing on an ice cube or two.

Pet Fountains

Pet fountains are becoming quite popular. Many dogs and cats prefer to drink running water, likely because it just tastes fresher. You can get Fido a simple one that keeps the water moving. Or, for extra tail wags, get him an outdoor fountain he can splash and play in.

Portable Options

One of the things we love most about Fido is the fact that he just loves to accompany his people to various places. Always bring water along for your pooch when you take him off your property. A pet water bottle with an attached dispenser is a great thing to keep in your car. Collapsible dishes are also a good option for a doggo on the go.

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