Have you finished your shopping yet? Don’t forget to pick up something for Fluffy! Catnip mice will always be popular holiday gifts for kitties, but they aren’t the only option. A Bucks County, PA vet offers a few ‘purrfect’ suggestions below.


Playing is of course fun for Fluffy, but it’s also great for her, both mentally and physically. There are plenty of cat toys to choose from, including fun modern options, like remote-controlled mice, moving wand toys, and mechanical ‘swimming’ fish. Don’t forget to snap some photos of your feline pal enjoying her new things!

Cat Wheel

You’ve likely seen the exercise wheels many people give smaller pets, like hamsters. Did you know that you can get one for Fluffy? This will not only give her a good workout, it will also help her burn off those zoomies.


Cats aren’t shy about finding spots to curl up in. Fluffy may rotate between your sofa, chair, bed, and carpet for all those daily naps. However, our feline buddies really do benefit from having things that fit their specific needs. Cat towers, for example, give your kitty a scratching post, napping spot, lookout point, and climbing gym all in one.

Kitty Tent

Many cats like to curl up in small spaces. Get your cute pet a kitty condo or a pet tent. There are lots of DIY options for these as well. This is a great option for furballs that are timid or nervous!

Window Seat

Cats are much safer staying in, but they really do enjoy being able to look out a window. You can find kitty ‘window hammocks’ in stores. Or, just position a chair or ottoman before a window. 


It’s probably not much of a shock to find Fluffy’s favorite plant on this list. Of course, not all of our feline companions like catnip. If your furball doesn’t seem impressed by it, offer her some honeysuckle toys instead.


Don’t forget to give Fluffy something extra yummy! A can of plain tuna in water is fine. Your kitty can also enjoy some store-bought treats, or plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or poultry.


Who said cats have expensive taste? Fluffy may be purrfectly thrilled with a new box! 

As your Bucks County, PA, we are here to help you keep your cat happy, healthy, and purring! Call us anytime!