Do you take your dog to a kennel when you leave town? This is the best option for many people. After all, Fido can’t stay home alone for more than 8 or 9 hours. However, there are also other times when you may want to consider bringing your pet to our resort. A Bucks County, PA vet lists some of them below.

Major Life Events

Weddings, graduations, births, and other big events are huge milestones. These days can be quite chaotic, especially if you’re hosting friends and family. Consider boarding your furry friend for the big day.

Surgical Procedures

This one of course will depend on the situation. Our four-legged friends make wonderful nurses and cuddle buddies. You may very well want Fido to snuggle with as you recuperate from a minor procedure! However, for anything that is more involved, you may want to consider boarding. If your doctor orders bed rest for a few days, then you won’t be able to walk or play with your dog.


We wouldn’t necessarily recommend boarding for a renovation that’s going to take a long time. However, for quick, chaotic jobs, such as painting or getting new floors or carpets, you may want to make sure your furry buddy is safely out of the way.

Moving Day

Moving can be pretty hectic. It’s also quite scary and stressful for pets. Big changes are hard for our canine pals. Plus, Fido won’t know what’s going on, so he may just get more and more uneasy as his domain gets packed up. You definitely don’t want your four-legged friend running out an open door into a strange neighborhood, or getting underfoot as movers are bringing things in and out!


Choosing the right kennel is very important. You want to make sure that your pup is comfortable and happy in his home away from home. Keep in mind that every kennel is different. Ask lots of questions! You’ll want to find out about things like what you can and can’t pack, what their hours are for drop-off and pickup, and what their emergency procedures are. We also recommend doing an overnight stay as a trial run before a longer visit.

Please contact us, your Bucks County, PA vet clinic, for your pet’s boarding and veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to helping you keep our patients happy and healthy!