Animal Hospital of Richboro is OPEN and continues to make sanitation and social distancing a priority.  We have our masks on and are enjoying seeing our patients and pet parents as we all begin to venture out of our houses!

Disinfecting Protocol:

  • Our disinfectants we use year-round are effective against Coronavirus. As a healthcare practice, we have routine protocols in place to stop disease transmission.
  • We continue to disinfect touchpoints (i.e. bathrooms, doorknobs, etc.) with increased frequency.  Because everyone can benefit from additional training, all staff has had a thorough review of disinfection and handwashing processes.
  • While we warmly welcome everyone, we will continue to refrain from handshakes until this threat has passed.
  • For our clients, we have soap and water available for handwashing as well. Dispensers with alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also available throughout the hospital.
  • Our dedicated staff has been advised to remain at home if they are running a fever or if a family member is suspected of having COVID-19.

Appointments & Curbside Service:

We are open and handling most appointments with Curbside Service.

  • When your pet has an appointment, call us upon arrival to the parking lot (215) 322-9900.
  • A staff member will come out to your car to retrieve your pet and bring your pet into the hospital for his/her veterinary care.
  • The doctor will examine your pet and call you (probably from her cell phone.)
  • Then, we will get medications/supplies together and the Front Desk will call you to check out over the phone.
  • Finally, a staff member will bring your pet and everything back out to you.
  • Please wear a mask whenever you are interacting with a Staff Member, for your safety and ours.
  • Please inform us if you or a family member has been ill, so additional precautions can be followed.

For specific circumstances (euthanasia, demonstrations), clients are welcome to come into the hospital. However, we are minimizing it for everyone’s safety. In situations when this is necessary, your temperature will be taken upon entry (forehead scanner) and it must be normal. You must also wear a face mask and stay six feet from staff members.


  • If you are dropping off a stool or urine specimen, please leave it in our chilled white box on the front porch.  Be sure it is labeled with your pet’s name and your last name.  We check the box frequently.


  • If you are picking up medications or food, we will bring it out to you in your car.  Call us upon arrival to the parking lot. Alternatively, visit our Online Store for convenient home delivery.

At Animal Hospital of Richboro, we remain dedicated to being here to provide veterinary care for our patients and clients. Though our procedures have changed, our commitment and compassion endure.

We have found some interesting behaviors in some of the dogs along the way. While many are similar to their norm, others are more interactive with us! They seem to bond to us more without their owners present for guidance. Some of the anxious dogs are less anxious, while others are the same. Protective dogs have no one to protect. Friendly happy dogs are easy as usual! The most comical event that commonly occurs is when we leave a dog alone in the room for a couple minutes to go get supplies. Not a peep may have occurred while we were gone, but we come back in to find a stool sample waiting for us!  Haha! It’s great because we often need it.

We miss seeing our clients in person and are hoping to be able to welcome pet parents back into the building soon.  We look forward to the return of a safe, healthier world for everyone. Thank you all for your understanding, cooperation, and patience!  Stay well!

Thank you also for supporting our local small business!  You make a big difference!