The AHR trip to New York started early in the morning. We met at the Trenton train station at 5:30, and then caught the train at 5:55. We grouped all together in two four-seat sections, with our luggage taking up a two seater. As we started our trip, we got to enjoy breakfast from Wawa, as well as Wawa coffee. Despite the early hour, spirits were high. We chatted on our way, though some turned to music and reading. Mainly, the train ride was a chance to talk about the weekend ahead of us.

We got to New York Penn Station around 7:30, in which we caught the subway. We thought we would be able to take the E directly to our hotel, but the E wasn’t running during that weekend due to construction to the railways. So instead, we had to take the A, then catch the 6, then catch the 7. More challenging than what was expected, but we did it nonetheless!

Our hotel was on 51st and Lexington. We walked into our hotel, and then got some complimentary food from the conference. After introductions, it was time to separate. Dr. Kramer went to her own lectures, while the staff went to lectures all together. The staff learned about tips and tricks to work faster and more efficiently, while Dr. Kramer learned about staff management.

Everyone regrouped for lunch, in which we went to a pizza shop. It was just a short walk away from our hotel. We shared a Margherita pizza to the delight of everyone. The sweet sauce complemented the large chunks of mozzarella cheese and leaves of basil. Even though some of us weren’t too hungry because of the complimentary food, the pizza was completely eaten nonetheless.

After lunch, it was time to separate again. Dr. Kramer attended a lecture about expanding the client pool, while the staffed learned about delivering excellent customer service. We had a short break, and then we were back to more learning. These were more discussion-based than lecture-based. Dr. Kramer attended a discussion about running a successful business. The staff went to a staff consultation.

We had another short break to relax in our hotel rooms, then out again. This time we went to a Mexican restaurant with our consultant, Chase. We had time to talk, and the staff got to know Chase better, while Chase learned more about each of the individuals that make up our team. We shared guacamole, and then ate our own meals. Time seemed to fly while we talked and ate, and before we knew it, it was 9:30. After getting back to the hotel, we had a little time before we fell asleep after a long day.

The next morning we got up and we started over again. More complimentary food, and then it was time to learn more. Dr. Kramer listened to a lecture about increasing production, while the staff learned about improving communication with clients, as well as with each other. For lunch, the staff split up, eating pasta from the pizza place and healthy bowls, including Tex-Mex and Asian Energy bowl, from a restaurant right next to the hotel. Everyone was very pleased with their meal. Our last lectures of the day focused on moving the practice to the next level and increasing net profit.

Another trip of subway hopping, then we grabbed the train to Trenton. This time, though, we had to split up because of the increased number of travelers. Nevertheless, we stayed together in smaller groups and had time to regroup about our trip on the way home. Then, it was time to go home to recuperate before another day of caring for your pets.