If there is one thing we know about cats, it’s that they are very good at wrapping us around those adorable paws of theirs! Those cute faces, charming vocalizations, and endearing quirks all help make our feline friends wonderful pets. Cats are also easy to care for: Fluffy can be quite content with good food, fresh water, some toys, a clean litterbox, and, of course, regular veterinary care. Of course, many of us like to spoil our kitties. Read on as a Bucks County, PA vet lists some low-cost ways to pamper your cat.

Luxury Beds

As far as cats are concerned, the more beds they have to choose from at naptime, the better! While Fluffy probably wouldn’t mind a customized, mahogany kitty bed with elaborate carvings and a silken canopy, she’ll be just as pleased with a soft blanket folded into a wicker basket, or even a simple box.

Window View

Your pampered housecat is a hunter at heart. Even if Fluffy couldn’t be bothered to move if a mouse ran right past her, she’ll still enjoy watching small animals. Offer your kitty a comfy seat before a window with an interesting view. Even better, add a bird feeder to your yard so that it’s in your kitty’s line of sight.


Cats can get bored, too! Take time to play with your furry pal every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This can be as easy as dangling a string toy for your furball to bat around while you’re watching TV. The activity will be great for your kitty physically. Playing is also good for Fluffy’s mind: your frisky pet will have to really concentrate to time those pounces just right.

DIY Kitty Furniture

Fluffy will really appreciate some furniture that she doesn’t have to share with her human servants. You don’t have to break the bank getting your feline friend some great pieces, however. Go the DIY route, and make your kitty a cute pet tent, cat tower, hammock, or even a box castle!


The best things in life are free! Spend time with Fluffy: talk to her, pet her, and offer plenty of cuddles. There are few things more relaxing than a cat’s loving purr.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Bucks County, PA vet clinic, today!