Proper coat grooming is an essential part of any dog’s health, regardless of fur type or length. Unlike cats, dogs don’t do much of their own grooming—this is left up to you! Here, your Richboro, PA vet tells you how to care for your pooch’s coat.

Brush Frequently

Every dog requires regular brushing to keep the skin and fur healthy. Brushing removes dirt and grime, smooths the fur to prevent tangles and mats, and spreads essential skin oils through the hair to keep it naturally moisturized and cut down on shedding. For best results, use a dog-specific brush that is made specifically for your pooch’s fur type and length. Ask your vet to recommend such a product, and see just how often you should be brushing your dog.

Bathe Occasionally

The occasional bath is also good for your dog. It’s important not to overdo bathing, though, as it can dry out the skin and lead to a dull, unhealthy coat and increased shedding as a result. Ask your vet how often you should bathe your dog.

When you do decide to give Fido a bath, be sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo. Shampoos for humans or other animals should never be used, as they may be too sensitive for your pooch’s skin. Dog shampoos are widely available at pet stores, retail outlets, and vets’ offices.

Great Diet

What goes into your dog is very important for how he looks on the outside. Feed your dog a high-quality, premium pet diet that has the right balance of fats, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy coat of fur. Also make sure your pet’s diet is appropriate for his age; a puppy has very different nutritional requirements than an elderly dog. Contact your veterinarian’s office to find out what type of food you should be feeding your pet.

Hair-Care Products

Some dogs may benefit from additional hair-care products, like moisturizers for the fur or skin, conditioners, finishing sprays, and more. They’re especially helpful for dogs with special grooming requirements or particularly coarse, dry hair. If you think your dog would benefit from hair-care products like these, check with your veterinarian to get a recommendation.

Do you have further questions on your dog’s grooming requirements? Would you like your vet’s advice on a pet brush, dog shampoo, or other grooming products? Call your Richboro, PA animal hospital today for help from the professionals.