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Summer Reptile Care


Do you have a pet reptile? If so, your little buddy may really enjoy this time of year. However, you’ll need to take care not to let your pet get too hot. Just like any other animal, reptiles can be in big trouble if they overheat. Read on as a Bucks County, PA vet offers … Read More »

Choosing Bird Toys


Do you have a pet bird? If so, you’ll need to make sure that Polly has lots of fun toys. Birds are actually quite active and intelligent, and they get quite unhappy if they don’t have things to occupy themselves with. A Bucks County, PA veterinarian discusses choosing bird toys in this article. Foot Toys … Read More »

Befriending Your Hedgehog


Have you recently adopted a hedgehog? If so, you’ll need to socialize the little guy. Hedgehogs are quite curious, but can also be very timid. A local Richboro, PA vet offers some tips on this below. Curling As you may know, hedgehogs curl themselves up into little balls when they are scared. )This is, of … Read More »

Birdproofing Your Home

Did you know that Bird Health Awareness Week Starts November 6th? Our feathered friends make absolutely wonderful pets and companions! Polly can get bored living in a cage, however, so you’ll need to let her out of her cage for some free time every day. But before you let your winged pal out to play, … Read More »

Caring for Zebra Finches

Are you considering adopting a pet bird? If so, zebra finches may be a great choice. These tiny birds are super cute, and are quite easy to care for, which makes them a great choice for first-time bird owners. Below, a Bucks County, PA vet discusses zebra finch care. Sounds Finches are fairly quiet birds. … Read More »

Five Signs of a Sick Bird

If you own a bird, you’re responsible for knowing when your feathered friend isn’t feeling their best. Below, your Bucks County, PA veterinarian gives you a crash course. Here are five signs of a sick bird: Cere Discharge Your bird’s cere is the area above the beak that houses the nostrils; think of it as … Read More »

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