You may have seen articles in the news about how loss of habitat and climate change are forcing wild animals into less-populated areas. That forced migration can increase the chances of your dog having a run in with an animal, such as a skunk, fox, raccoon, or porcupine. Of the four we just mentioned, porcupine encounters are generally the most dangerous, unless rabies is involved. A Bucks County, PA vet offers a few tips on keeping Fido safe from these prickly rodents in this article.


Fencing your property in will go a long way towards protecting Fido from not just porcupines, but from many other hazards as well. It is worth mentioning that porcupines can climb, so if you are seeing porcupines, or signs of them, you may want to add another layer of protection, such as animal tape.

Property Maintenance

Porcupines like to forage through tall grasses, brush, and weeds, in search of fruit and wood. Keeping brush piles picked up and your grass mowed will help make your place less appealing to them.


We can’t overstate how important it is for your canine companion to know basic obedience commands. Taking the time to teach Fido to Stay and Leave It could potentially save his life!

Secure The Pup

We know, our four-legged friends love to accompany us, well, everywhere. It’s great to take Fido to parks and trails, and let him explore, sniff new things, and just enjoy being a dog. Just don’t let him off-leash in wooded areas or fields.

Know Risky Times

One tricky thing about porcupines is the fact that Fido can encounter them at any time. They are mostly nocturnal, but do venture out to forage in the daytime. And while spring and fall are the most common times for encounters, they can happen in any season. That said, be extra vigilant between dusk and dawn, and in spring and fall.

Take Immediate Action

What happens if your canine pal does have an encounter? Head to the emergency clinic right away. If the quills are not removed quickly, they will continue moving deeper and deeper into your dog’s body, where they can cause serious pain, abscesses, and infections. They can even damage internal organs, which can potentially be fatal.

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