Do you have a pet bird? If so, you’ll need to make sure that Polly has lots of fun toys. Birds are actually quite active and intelligent, and they get quite unhappy if they don’t have things to occupy themselves with. A Bucks County, PA veterinarian discusses choosing bird toys in this article.

Foot Toys

Make sure that your feathered friend has at least a few toys that she will need to pick up with her feet. This is very important for Polly’s foot strength and flexibility!

Foraging Toys

Foraging toys can keep your feathered pal entertained for hours. These are great for Polly to have when you’re out, as they can keep her from getting lonely. Since birds in the wild forage for their food, it’s natural for Polly to have an interest in looking for treats. (You can also make many foraging toys, but that’s another topic.)

Chew Toys

Chew toys are also important for Polly, as they will help her keep her beak healthy. These can be made from wood or paper, or even stronger materials. (Note: cuttlefish bones are also good for this.)

Comfort Toys

In the wild, birds usually live with others of their own kind. If you only have one bird, you may want to get her something she can ‘cuddle’ up with. Hammocks and little tents can also provide comfort.

Interactive Toys

Mental stimulation is just as important to Polly as it is to us. Your winged pal should have a few good puzzle toys. These should be durable, as you want them to last a long time. You may want to consider some electronic bird toys.

DIY Toys

In addition to buying toys, you can also make your own. You’ll find lots of instructions online! Just be sure they’re the right type for your pet’s size and breed.


Be sure to only choose toys that are safe for your feathered friend. Avoid anything that could cut or entangle your cute little pet, and/or anything that could potentially trap Polly’s toes or beak. Toys with dangling ropes or threads can also be a hazard, especially once they start to fray. Replace these once they start to look worn. Finally, remember to rotate your bird’s toys regularly, so she doesn’t get bored with them.

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