Did you know that Bird Health Awareness Week Starts November 6th? Our feathered friends make absolutely wonderful pets and companions! Polly can get bored living in a cage, however, so you’ll need to let her out of her cage for some free time every day. But before you let your winged pal out to play, you’ll need to make sure that your home is safe for her. Read on as a Bucks County, PA vet discusses birdproofing.


Fans present a very serious threat to your colorful friend. Polly could seriously hurt herself if she flies into one! Be sure to turn all fans off before letting your little buddy out of her cage.

Open Water

You may not think that a full sink or open toilet poses much of a risk, but these things can be very dangerous to your feathered pal. A cooking pot of water is also a threat.


Did you know that cooking fumes can be extremely toxic to birds? Modern kitchenware often contains substances that give off vapors when used. These fumes are harmless to us, but are very dangerous to birds. Cigarette or cigar smoke, perfumes, aerosols, and other vapors are also unsafe for birds.


Open flames are very hazardous to pet birds! Scented candles are doubly dangerous, because they give off fumes that can be toxic to Polly.

Windows and Mirrors

Birds don’t always recognize windows and mirrors as barriers. Your feathered buddy could get seriously injured if she flies into a mirror or window! Window treatments, such as blinds and curtains, can also be dangerous, as Polly could get caught in them.

Other Pets

We know, dogs and cats make wonderful animal companions. However, even if your pets get along, Fido and Fluffy can still endanger Polly. It only takes one smack of a paw to seriously injure your winged buddy! Keep your furry pals in separate rooms when your bird is out of her cage.

Small Items

Birds are naturally very curious and playful, and often like to investigate everything they come across. Small items are particularly dangerous, because they can choke your adorable pet. You’ll also want to be careful with things that have loose threads, as Polly can get entangled in them.

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