Are you considering adopting a pet bird? If so, zebra finches may be a great choice. These tiny birds are super cute, and are quite easy to care for, which makes them a great choice for first-time bird owners. Below, a Bucks County, PA vet discusses zebra finch care.


Finches are fairly quiet birds. You won’t have to worry about your pets picking up inappropriate words, or yelling at you. Finches aren’t entirely silent, however. Many of these cute birds respond when they are spoken to or whistled at, and they often greet their owners with adorable beeps and chirps, especially at dinnertime. Cuteness alert: if your zebra finches are near a window, they may respond to the calls of wild birds.


These little cuties are very sociable, and should be kept in groups or pairs. Although they are very gentle, they are not necessarily affectionate towards their owners. While you may occasionally find a finch that likes being handled, or will perch on your shoulder, most of the time they prefer the company of their own kind.


Finch seed should form the basis of your feathered buddies’ diet. You can supplement this with hard-boiled eggs, spray millet, grubs, and leafy greens. You’ll also want to make sure your finches always have cuttlebone. Ask your vet for specific information.


Making sure your feathered friends are comfortable in their cage is very important. For a single pair of finches, you’ll need a cage that is at least 30” x 18” x 18”. If you have more birds, you’ll need a larger cage. Bigger is better, however, so get the largest cage you can afford. Finches need more vertical space than horizontal, so get one that is more wide than it is tall, with bars that are spaced no more than a half-inch apart. If you like, you can keep organic grass in your finches’ cage. Your little buddies will also appreciate having some non-toxic plants placed near their habitat. Ask your vet for more information.


Like all birds, finches need stimulation. Provide plenty of fun toys for your winged friends to play with. Canary tassel toys are often a big hit with these tiny birds. You’ll also need to provide perches.

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