Are you thinking about adopting a rabbit? Bunnies are, of course, extremely cute. Those furry little faces can definitely melt some hearts! These adorable furballs do have some specific care needs, however, so you’ll want to do some research before bringing Floppy home. Read on as a local Bucks County, PA vet lists a few things to think about before adopting a bunny.

Bunnyproofing Is A Must

Bunnies need to chew, as otherwise their teeth will grow too long and cause painful dental problems. Therefore, you’ll need to bunnyproof any rooms that your furry buddy will have access to. This means securing, protecting, or removing wires and cords; toxic plants; furniture legs; small items, such as buttons, that could be choking hazards; medicines; chemicals; and, well, pretty much anything you don’t want chewed up.

Bunnies Need Free Time

Rabbits are very playful and frisky. Floppy will need time out of her cage every day, so she doesn’t get bored or restless. Generally, bunnies need about 3 or 4 hours a day of supervised free time. If this doesn’t mesh with your household or schedule, you may want to get a different type of pet.

Litterbox Training

Most bunnies can be litterbox trained, but this can take time and patience. Your pet may also make a bit of a mess when she’s out of her cage. If you can’t stomach the idea of picking up Floppy’s waste, even if it’s just while she’s learning how to use her litterbox, a bunny may not be the right choice of pet for you.


Just like any other animal, bunnies need to feel loved and safe to truly be happy. You’ll need to spend time with Floppy every day, playing with her, petting with her, or just hanging out. Before adopting a bunny, make sure you have the time to devote to your adorable furball.


Floppy’s cage will need to be scooped out daily, and cleaned thoroughly about once a week. If you fall behind on cleaning, your pet’s home will start to stink, and your furry buddy could get sick. Make sure you’re ready for the work involved in keeping your bunny’s home nice and clean.

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